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If you are looking for student accommodation in Warsaw:


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52 avenue Laplace - 94110 Arcueil


John Paul II International Student Residence.

The International Student Residence is a privately owned Catholic dorm located at the gates of Paris; 2 minutes from the Laplace train station (RER Zone 2), close to shopping. The town, called Arcueil, has been growing since 2000. It has been called home by Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Debussy, Picasso, Erik Satie, Raspail, Laplace, and many more. Arcueil is becoming an important academic center. It takes 10 min by train (RER B) to get to downtown Paris station Saint Michel-Notre Dame.

This Residence is an extension of John Paul II Dormitory established in 1980 to provide a European beacon for Polish and other Central/Eastern European students. Our residence continues its role through opening to the entire world. We have students of over 40 nationalities and have an opportunity to mutually learn about different cultures, exchange ideas and enrich ourselves. Pallottin Fathers, from the Society of Catholic Apostolate, manage the Residence according to Christian values. Internal rules and regulations have been introduced for every student to offer the best conditions and environment for learning and staying in France.

Our residence accommodates students and academics.

Selection is based on provided documents and interview when possible.
La Résidence Internationale d’étudiants Jean-Paul II

The Residence accepts college students and married couples without children. Students sign their acknowledgement and acceptance of rules and regulations.
 The selection process is based on the information provided in the application process and availability of rooms.